1923 Otha Mae Nevins Basketball
1924 Otis Wile Football, Track
1924 Nina Feger Basketball
1933 Dr. Webber Merrell Football, Basketball
1938 Wilber C. Hight Football, Wrestling
1938 Olin Glen Downing Football, Basketball
1939 Harman Leon McKenzie Football, Wrestling
1940 Bo Winfinger Golf, Football
1943 Paul Carey, Jr. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track
1945 John Carey Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
1945 Keith Emory Camerer Football, Basketball, Baseball
1946 Ralph Eston Blair Basketball, Football
1948 Bobby Jack Wittich Football
1950 Erwin Cook Track, Football
1952 Myron H. Peace Basketball, Football
1954 Roy Lee Carberry Basketball, Baseball
1954 Charles William Faulkner Basketball, Baseball
1955 Bobby Thompson Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
1956 G. Dale Farquharson Track
1956 Eugene Edward Yarbough Football, Basketball
1958 Fred L. Scrutchfield Football, Golf
1959 Glen Wolfe Football, Track, Basketball, Baseball
1959 Gary Reid Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
1963 Fred Moulder Basketball, Baseball, Track
1963 Gene Stephenson Baseball, Football
1965 Richard W. Berry Football, Basketball, Track
1965 John Mack Perdue Basketball, Baseball
1967 Marvin Nephew Basketball, Baseball
1967 Sherman Moore Basketball
1968 Michael A. Griffin Basketball, Baseball
1971 Carl Benson Basketball, Baseball, Track
1971 Eddy Daves Baseball
1977 Willie Darkis Baseball, Basketball
1978 John Andrew Watson Basketball, Baseball
1978 Phil Stevenson Baseball, Football
1979 Captain Shawn Smith Wrestling, Football
1979 Leslie Branch Rinehart Golf, Basketball, Softball
1980 Pattie Sue Holthaus Softball, Basketball, Golf
1981 Denise “Josie” Carter Softball, Basketball, Track
1982 Doug Stalnaker Wrestling, Football
1982 Jon Chappell Baseball
1984 Neil Galbraith Football, Track
1985 Beaul Haynes Football, Track
1985 Paul Richard Dressen Cross Country, Track
1986 Kelli Biggs Softball, Basketball
1987 Mark Walker Football
1990 Toby Ray Smith Basketball, Baseball
1990 Yulonda Burris Basketball
1990 Joey Jackson Baseball
1991 Michelle Decker Cross Country, Track
1994 Malyssa Thorngren Basketball, Track, Golf, Softball
1928-1942 E.C. Hafer Football Coach
1942-1967 C.E. Crooks Football Coach, Superintendent
1949-1962 Art Kroeger Basketball Coach
1962-1976 Robert Lee Griffin Basketball Coach
1966-1977 Raymond “Preach” Squires Baseball Coach
1973- ? Marvin Mack Basketball Coach
1977-1992 Mark Neuman Wrestling Coach
1981-1992 Ronald Wayne Jones Basketball Coach
1982-Present Clay Wesley Tarter Cross Country Coach
? Labron Harris, Sr. Coach Wrestling, Golf
1980 Curtis Jurina Wrestling
1985 Mitchell “Iffy” Pierce Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
1996 Shannon Young Cheerleading
1997 Brandi Woodard Cross Country, Track
1945 Kenneth Mitchell Baseball, Basketball
1950, 55 Faver Pirates Football Football
1987 Shane McKenzie Golf
1994 Parrish Pierce Football, Wrestling
2002 Guthrie Football Team Football
2004 Brent Hodge Football, Baseball
2005 Mallory Cowden Cross Country, Track
Current Ric Meshew Football, Baseball, Golf



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  1. larry   June 26, 2015 at 12:22 am

    what happened to al blevins, check the record

  2. Wesley Bennett   August 23, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    Mitchell pierce? Parish pierce?

  3. Jerry Ball   August 14, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Marvin Mack grad of ’68


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