Video: Guthrie CC breaks in new track with the Milk Mile

Video: Guthrie CC breaks in new track with the Milk Mile

Milk does a body good – eh – but for some not so much on Wednesday evening.

The Guthrie High School cross country broke in the new high school track with the milk mile. Well, those volunteers who wanted to take on the running challenge.

Along with the brave runners, head coach James Strahorn, friends of the program, siblings and parents joined in on the fun.

So what is a milk mile?

You begin by drinking 10 ounces of milk and take off for one lap. Return, and drink another 10 ounces and take off again. Repeat until you drink four cups and run four laps (one mile).

To no surprise, senior stand-out Trevor Sallee won the contest in 5:50.

Some were unable to finish.

Who would want to begin?

If you’ve made it this far into the article, you must be wondering ….. how many?

Of the 14 participants, three had to excuse themselves.

Let the record reflect, their was no harm to the new, beautiful resurfaced track.

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