Lauryn Downs signs to run at SNU

Lauryn Downs signs to run at SNU

Whether you walk in the hallways of Guthrie High School, or somewhere out in an open field or track, you will always hear something positive about Lauren Downs.

Downs signed with Southern Nazarene University on Thursday morning inside the Guthrie High School library surrounded by family, friends and coaches.

“Outside of her ability to run, Lauren has been an asset to the high school,” teacher and coach Matt Perring said. “This is a nice honor for her because she’s a great athlete, but she’s a good student so she’s able to further her academics because of her running talents.

Cross Country head coach James Strahorn said Downs has been the ideal role model for the program.

“It’s been a blessing. I can always count on her to show up to practice and do her best. She is a great role model for our younger kids. Looking forward to watching a few college races,” the second head coach said.

Hall of Fame Guthrie coaching legend Clay Tarter has seen his fair share of athletes through the years, gave Downs an ultimate compliment.

“One word describes her – dedicated. You cannot ask any more than that if you’re a coach. Lauren was willing to put in the work and its paid off for her,” Tarter said.

Athletic director Jon Chappell summed up the morning by saying, “The thing that makes us proud at Guthrie High School is not only is she going to extend her athletic career, but we are sending a good girl out in the world.”

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