Video: New scoreboard goes up at Squires Field

Video: New scoreboard goes up at Squires Field

Last year Squires Field was voted as the top field of the year among high school coaches. Last week, the stadium received a huge upgrade with a 10 inning scoreboard in left field.

“Guthrie Baseball has one of the steepest traditions in Oklahoma as far as baseball goes,” head baseball coach Casey Porter said. “There are a lot of people who have helped build that tradition.”

The latest example is now hanging on the left field wall in a stunning 26 by 10 foot scoreboard and replaces the (14 x 5) scoreboard that was up for several seasons.

Along the base of the scoreboard, a sign reads ‘Donated by Guthrie Little League Baseball Association.’

Last April, Daniel Calvert, President of the Guthrie Little League Baseball Association, presented Porter and the program with a check of $14,005 for the scoreboard.

“The new scoreboard gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation and invest in an item that will be used for years to come,” Calvert said.

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