Junior High Softball off to good start in 2016

Junior High Softball off to good start in 2016

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The Guthrie Junior High Lady Jays softball team traveled for their first game of the season on Aug. 11 to Bethel where they stomped the Wildcats 22-0. Traveling for a season opener can be challenging, but the Lady Jays only had victory in mind when facing the Wildcats for a sizzling Thursday evening matchup.

At the crack of the bat, leadoff hitter Eadie Jobe started off “Guthrie Strong” with a single, followed by the second batter Elaina Clark’s triple to left field.  The rally kept momentum with the rest of the lineup hitting fiercely. Trinity LeGrande racked up two singles, Lauren Day had a triple, Jules Leach had a strong double and Bella Christian found a base on contact. The Lady Jays only seemed to be capable of success on the warm evening. Jobe ended with two singles while Clark finished with a triple, double, and single in regulation play.

Along with the Lady Jays hard hitting offense, pitcher Lauren Day showed off with five strike outs, no walks and only five hits on the evening. Her start to the season only is a glimpse of what this talented young pitcher is expected to be capable of.

The Guthrie junior varsity played three runs or three outs per inning to close the evening tied 6-6.  Despite the even score, the Lady Jays got to try out pitchers like Natalie Huskey, and Eadie Jobe, who showed promise after several innings a piece.

Although yielding another loss the following week, the Bethel Wildcats traveled much improved for the season home opener. With LeGrande on the mound the Lady Jays won 10-2 in the second game of the series. LeGrande had 10 Strikeouts, four walks allowing only six hits.

LeGrande and Clark led the team with two hits a piece along with Day’s double in the second inning.

Again the JV were closely matched and tied again. This time on the mound for the JV squad was Laney Ward and Adri Austin exhibiting that the Junior High Softball program is sporting an ample roster of talent from sixth through eighth grades.

Special props to eighth graders Addy Awbrey, Bella Chavez, Bella Christian, Kaia Codding, McKenzie Farrow, Emmy Machtolff, Makayla Snyder, Emily Thurman, Kylee Wharton and Jade Williams for welcoming the new players with Blue Jay Pride!

The JV traveled Friday and Saturday to Enid and finished 0-3.


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