New entrance sign upgrades look, honors Preach Squires

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Squires Field in downtown Guthrie has always and continues to be one of the most unique baseball diamonds in the state and around the region. Now, when fans enter the friendly confines of Squires Field they will know exactly what they are entering.

Squires FieldJust last week, family members of Raymond Kinely “Preach” Squires, along with athletic director Gary Boxley and head baseball coach Jon Chappell, completed a new entrance into the historic ball field.

Portions of the chain link fence came down and replaced by black wrought iron fencing highlighted by two stone pillars that holds up a white marquee sign with blue lettering spelling out “Squires Field.”

Any time you hear or read a story about “Preach” Squires one phrase is guaranteed to come up every time.

“Preach Squires loved baseball and kids.”

Squires, who coached a semi-pro team at one time, retired from ranching in Geary, Okla.  and moved to Guthrie to be near his grandchildren. He began taking care of not only the baseball field, but Jelsma Stadium as a groundskeeper.

Squires Field“He rarely missed a baseball, football or basketball game,” his granddaughter Christy Chennault said.

Along with keeping the field in top-notch shape, Squires shared a fair amount of his own money to help purchase baseball cleats and uniform items for the kids.

On May 1, 1976, Superintendent Bill Wagnor and the Board of Education held a surprise ceremony during the regional tournament. The announcement changed the baseball diamond’s name to Squires Field.

“His proudest moment,” Chennault said of her “Peep”, the name his grandchildren called him instead of his common nickname Preach.

“My family has always enjoyed sports, we decided to honor Peep by investing in what he loved more than anything, the baseball diamond,” she said.

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