Team Guthrie places 29 wrestlers in Kingfisher

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Team Guthrie Youth Wrestling was back at it again this past weekend as they traveled to Kingfisher and finished with 29 placers in the Kingfisher Open and Novice.

Results for Kingfisher Open & Novice:


Div 2– Coal Madison 1st, Hayden Simpson 1st

Div 3 – Brenden Mahan 2nd, Dean Madison 2nd, Justin Rose 2nd,

Div 4
– Justin Rose 1st, Dylan Rose 3rd, Adam Baker 1st, Zane Wanzer 2nd, Jordan Hodges 1st, AJ Tomlinson 2nd, JB Simpson 1st,

Div 5
– Bradley Hocker 3rd


Div 2
– Jackson Lawson 2nd, Colten Lyons 4th, Chase Doles 1st,

Div 3
– Kolby Hocker 2nd, Michael Childs 2nd, Conner White 4th,

Div 4
– Dylan Rose 1st, Alex Fields 1st, Richie Ortiz 1st, Jordan Hodges 1st, Brise Duck 2nd,

Div 5
– Jerron Rose 1st, James McGinnis 1st, Prebble Gunn 3rd, Tjaden Warnick 1st, Bradley Hocker 2nd.

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